Square Designs

Step 1: Choose a Design

Step 2: Choose your Paint Colors  (yes, ANY color)

Step 3: Submit Your Order

(Fifty percent down on all orders to ensure pick-up once the art is finished.)

The Little Guys

$65 For The Pair

Dimensions: 13in x 13in

Weight: 5lbs (10lb for the pair)


The Square 2ftx2ft


Dimensions: 2ft x 2ft

Weight: 13lbs


The Square 3ftx3ft


Dimensions: 3ft x 3ft

Weight: 18lbs



ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Though we have had great results, we cannot guarantee that the product won’t change over time. Sometimes wood likes to change on its own and we cannot control that.  It may discolor, warp, or crack due to weather environments or just because it wants to.

All size and weight are approximate. 

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